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Artblend Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
The Artbook 2020,
published Sept. 2019

Contemporary Art Palette in Munich/Paks Gallery
Putzbrunner Str. 71
81739 Munich/Germany

"Miami Artweeks"
2.-8. December 2019
Artbox Projekt


Museum of the Americas
"The Museum Collection", Great Art Book 2019
published December 2019

KalkKunst 20.09.-13.10.2019
Broschüre zur KalKunst 2019 der Stiftung KalkGestalten: http://stiftung-kalkgestalten.org/files/inhalt_kalkkunst2019_web.pdf

Catalog by Amazon published

DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/3038991627?ref=myi_title_dp
USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/3038991627?ref=myi_title_dp

ARTBLEND Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale/USA:
"The Artbook 2019" published in December 2018 (PDF)

"The Artbook 2019" (Flash Player required)

MAMAG Modern Art Museum and PAKS Gallery GmbH, Schloß Hubertendorf, Austria

PAKS Gallery
Palais Werndl
Schönauerstrasse 7
4400 Steyr

PAKS Gallery Munich
Putzbrunner Straße 71
81739 Munich

PAKS Gallery Vienna
Linzerstraße 342
1140 Vienna

PAKS Gallery
Castle Hubertendorf
Schloss Hubertendorf 32
3372 Blindenmarkt

http://www.paks-gallery.com/erica fromme.htm

http://www.paks-gallery.com/erica fromme-kunstwerke.htm


Award CFA
"Artist of the Year" Januar 2019

MAMAG Museum
"Global Contemporary Art" 20.02.2019 - 10.09.2019

International Fine Art Austria Biennale
Messe Wien,Wohnen & Interieur 9.-17. March 2019

MAMAG Museum @ Twitter

PAKS Gallery @ Twitter





Cannes Film Festival Time
International Fine Art Cannes Biennale 17 - 19 Mai 2019
Cannes Palace 14 avenue de Madrid 06400 Cannes







Art Basel Kunstwoche
"International Contemporary Art"
Biennale Basel 14 - 16 Juni 2019
Grand Hotel Euler Centralbahnplatz 14, 4002 Basel

Museum of the Americas
"The Museum Collection", Great Art Book 2019
(permanent Collection)

Artbox Projects Zürich
SwissArtEXPO 15.08.2019 - 19.08.2019
SBB Eventhall Zürich Main Station



ARTBLEND Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale/USA
SPECTRUM MIAMI, December 5-9, 2018


SHOW CATALOG Click on this link http://artblend.com/catalogs/spectrumcatalog2018/

PAKS Gallery
MAMAG Modern Art Museum and PAKS Gallery GmbH organized the
"1st International Contemporary Art Biennial Basel June 15-17, 2018"
parallel to the famous Art Basel week in the rouge Salon Grand Hotel Euler
<<Invitation Frontside>><<Invitation Backside>>
My Interwiev at the ABOUT ART MAGAZINE: http://www.about-art-magazine.com/kunst-news/erica-fromme-im-interview.html




ARTBLEND Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale/USA
Market Art + Design Hamptons July 5-8, 2018
free Tickets for my guests <<here>>
Catalog: http://www.artblend.com/catalogs/markethamptons2018/

Art UpClose, New York USA
„A Survey of Contemporary Art“
World Edition 2017
published May 2018

The Book will be permanently featured on
artupclose.com and promoted on social media Facebook, Instagramm, Twitter
the following media outlets: The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal, Time out New York, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, The New York Observer, The Daily News, Huffington Post, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, The Bloomberg News, Artnet, Artforum, ARTNews, Artinfo, Modern Painters, Art in America, Arts Journal, American Art Collector's Magazine
Museums Promotion: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, New Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art, Center Georges Pompidou – Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art – Tokyo, Tate – London.
The Book will be registered and included in the USA Library of Congress

The Art Collector Book by the Middle East Art Collector Association
published May 2018

Kitz Art, Stadtgalerie Kitzbühel/Austria
Exhibiton 01.-31.01.2018


The Global Art Awards Dubai
17.11.2017 Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel  Read more about Global Art Awards Dubai...

"The Oscar of the Visual Arts"
Winner Global Art Award 2017
Abstract Art



Tokyo Artfair
Catalog Tokyoartfair.com Page 6 and 31

Artifact New York
Single Show
06.-25.09.2017   Read more about Artifact New York..

Monaco Yacht Show
Artcorp. Inc. New York   Read more about Monaco Yacht Show...


KITZ-ART Kunst- und Kulturverein Kitzbühel


Artfair Luxembourg